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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick and Easy Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall

The holiday season is here, and that means you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time at Oak Brook Mall, shopping for the perfect gifts for those you love. If you’re a parent, then it’s likely that you’ll be dragging the kids along on at least some of your shopping excursions. This can be a hassle in itself, but what’s even more difficult is finding a place where the whole family can stop for a quick, easy, and affordable bite without fights and squabbles ensuing. Of all the restaurants near Oak Brook Mall, the one that caters to families the most is Which Wich.

One of the great things about this restaurant is that there’s something for even the pickiest eater! Because the majority of the menu items are simple and familiar—think sandwiches, chips, cookies, milkshakes, and other desserts—everyone can find something they want to eat. Luckily, even your adventurous eaters aren’t left out either. With over fifty different sandwich styles (and some of them are pretty crazy!), everyone can be happy. Oh, and the mom or dad who is trying to avoid packing on those holiday pounds can opt for a lighter sandwich or turn any sandwich into a salad at no extra charge.

Which Wich is also a good choice for the family on the go because the food is served up super quick, but unlike at some other restaurants near Oak Brook Mall, is also fresh and made with healthy ingredients. And kids will have a blast with the unique ordering process, in which they get to use a sharpie and a brown paper bag “menu” to create their special sandwich.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Burn Calories: Walk to Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall!

If you’re watching your weight or just trying to be healthier in general, the first step is to watch what you eat. A healthy diet should consist of plenty of fresh fruits, lots of leafy green vegetables, lean proteins like fish and chicken, and a lot of water—at least eight eight ounce glasses per day! Eating right can be done anywhere and everywhere you go, even at restaurants. You just need to choose places that serve good-for-you foods, like properly proportioned steaks, fish, or chicken breasts, or yummy sandwiches loaded with protein and vegetables. Which Wich is a great option for healthy dining at restaurants near Oak Brook Mall, since its menu contains nutritious sandwiches and salads.

In addition to watching what goes into your mouth, you also want to watch your exercise levels. Exercise is what enables you to burn calories, instead of storing them as fat, and ideally, you should be getting at least thirty minutes of exercise per day. Some of the best exercise you can do is simple walking, and Oak Brook Mall is a wonderful place to walk. We suggest doing a lap or two of the mall at a brisk place before commencing your shopping.

If you happen to work up an appetite while shopping, there’s good news. There are many restaurants near Oak Brook Mall, and most of them are within easy walking distance. If you’re really committed to being fit, then (literally) go the extra mile and make the trek to your favorite food joint on foot. You’ll burn enough calories that cheating with a little dessert is perfectly acceptable!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Shop ‘Til You Drop (Pounds That is!)

Could it really be true? Could you actually burn calories and lose weight while shopping? The experts are saying it’s possible. Of course, you’ll have to take some extra steps (literally) to turn your trip to the mall into a calorie-burning spree, but it will be well worth it, especially since, after you’re done, you’ll have broken enough of a sweat to indulge at some of the fine restaurants near Oak Brook Mall!

First of all, understand that you already burn a few calories walking around the mall and from shop to shop. This is good, but if you really want to boost your workout, you’re going to need to take it up a notch. It’s a good idea to take a few full laps around the mall before you start going into the stores. Not only will you be getting in some cardio, but you’ll also help to minimize impulse buys by giving yourself time to think about whether that item you saw in the store window is really worth the price. If you really want to go the extra mile, strap on ankle or wrist weights for extra resistance and extra fat loss!

Other exercises that can easily be done in the mall (if you don’t mind a few funny looks) include squats, rises up onto your tippy-toes, and tummy contractions while standing. You can work the squats and rises into your shopping—pretend to look for items on low or high shelves! As for the tummy tightening exercises, they are virtually undetectable and will make your stomach look flatter while you shop.

Finally, do your best to choose healthier options when it comes to restaurants near Oak Brook Mall. You can choose a restaurant that is healthy in itself, such as Which Wich, or just make smart choices elsewhere. Just understand that those other places often make it a little too easy to give into temptation.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shop and Snack: Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall

Oak Brook Mall is an amazing place to shop. In fact, it’s easy to spend a whole day just enjoying the mall and all that it has to offer. Check out clothing stores, toy stores, bath and body stores, jewelry stores, and so much more. You’re likely to get hungry while you’re shopping up a storm and, lucky for you, there are many restaurants near Oak Brook Mall. Unfortunately, a lot of these restaurants tend to be overpriced and overcrowded, which is the last thing you need when you just want to relax and unwind from all your retail therapy.

One restaurant that isn’t like all the rest is Which Wich. First of all, it certainly isn’t overpriced. You can expect to pay around what you’d pay for the average fast food meal, but don’t worry—this is way better than fast food! You can choose from over fifty delicious sandwiches, some of which are incredibly unique. If you’re watching your carbohydrate intake or are feeling healthy, you can have any of the sandwiches served as a salad too. There are chips to go on the side, and the best desserts around. Enjoy decadent cookies, brownies, marshmallow treats, and, most popular of all, creamy, cool milkshakes!

You’ll also find that unlike most other restaurants near Oak Brook mall, Which Wich is never overcrowded. Even during the lunch rush, there are plenty of tables, inside and out, where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your scrumptious meal. You can also get your food to go if you prefer, and then you can munch while you walk through the mall or even stake out a spot in the grass.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall—Shop and Snack!

If you’re like most people, you go to the mall with a large group of friends. And, also if you’re like most people, you and your group usually decide to grab a bite to eat somewhere after your shopping is finished. Of course, trying to please a wide variety of taste buds can be a real challenge, but there is one restaurant that can easily satisfy any group, and that restaurant is Which Wich. This delectable little sandwich shop is sure to be the most crowd pleasing of all the restaurants near Oak Brook mall. That’s because it features over fifty different sandwiches to choose from!

What’s more is that, no matter which sandwich you choose, your meal is even more customizable. Any sandwich can be made on white bread, wheat bread, or even in a bowl to save you some calories when you’re watching your waistline. You and your group can also choose from a wide range of different vegetables, condiments and sauces, toppings, and other extras. Have some chips on the side or take out a delectable dessert; the choice is up to you. You can be as healthy or as indulgent as you like, and so can your friends.

For those extra beautiful days, remember that you can always take out your meal. Which Wich is one of the only restaurants near Oak Brook mall that allows diners to grab their food and then go. It has outdoor seating if you want to stay close to the area or, if you’re in a hurry, you can simply call in your order, pick it up, and be on your way.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

There are Lots of Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall, but none like Which Wich!

If you’re planning a shopping trip to Oak Brook mall, you’ll certainly have your choice of restaurants at which to dine. There are tons of options inside of the mall and around it as well. A lot of them, though, are overpriced, and most are just the same old boring food you’ve eaten a thousand times before. If you’d like to save some money and try something a little different, then we suggest skipping over all the usual restaurants near Oak Brook Mall and checking out the area’s best kept secret—a delectable little sandwich shop known as Which Wich.

At this shop, you can take your pick from over fifty different sandwich types! As if that’s not enough choice, you can also customize your sandwich in hundreds of different ways. There are so many toppings, condiments, and extras to choose from that you could spend all day just building your perfect sandwich. And, even though the ingredients are fresh and the food is made to order, you don’t have to spend a fortune! The prices at Which Wich are comparable with fast food prices, believe it or not!

Don’t think sandwiches are all that’s in store for you here either. All sandwiches can be turned into salads for those looking for a healthier option. Those not looking for a healthier option and who want to self-indulge can choose from a wide range of desserts, including scrumptious, silky smooth milkshakes, warm and gooey brownies, freshly baked cookies, and crunchy rice krispie treats. There’s also a wide selection of chips available for those who crave carbohydrates!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What About Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall?

Shopping in the upscale Oak Brook Center has long been an ever evolving experience in the beautiful Oak Brook village.  In the midst of this huge open-air shopping center is the Oak Brook Mall, and with over 150 stores it is a shopaholic’s paradise that offers the complete retail experience.  Then, when you are ready to fuel up for the next part of your shopping odyssey, you will find there are many great restaurants near Oak Brook Mall.  In fact the mall is literally surrounded by them throughout the greater Oak Brook Center.

There are literally dozens of eateries of every type to choose from. Like the quaint Auntie Anne’s pretzel bakery for a quick bite to get you by, or Maggiano’s Little Italy that features both classic and modern Italian dishes loaded in dense calorie-rich, carbohydrates and fats.  But if you’re looking for a different vibe, something with a huge variety of nutritious options, then where do you go?  You need to head over to Which Wich and check out one of the best little restaurants near Oak Brook Mall.

You will know you’re somewhere special as soon as you walk in the door and pick up one their pre-printed menus on a paper sandwich bag.  Everything you could want on a sandwich or salad is there, organized into convenient categories from the main protein to the type of condiment, and nearly all of their delicious sandwiches are a single budget friendly price.  Best of all they are just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Oak Brook Mall so you don’t even have to leave the best shopping Mecca in Illinois.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dine Before or After Shopping: Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall

There are many restaurants serving delicious meals in and near Oak Brook Mall. So, next time you go shopping, you’ll want to make sure you set aside enough time to grab a bite to eat. If you’re in an Italian mood, then you might consider Antico Posto, which is right beside the professional building. For lovers of Asian cuisine, there’s Baisi Thai, on the lower level across from Houlihan’s. Pizza fanatics can enjoy themselves at one of the two California Pizza Kitchen locations, and most of the standard fast food choices are available as well.

Other restaurant choices near Oak Brook Mall include Auntie Annie’s, Café Nordstrom, Corner Bakery, Elliotts’ Off Broadway Deli, The Espresso Bar at Nordstrom, Gloria Jean’s Coffee Bean, Godiva Choclatier, Houlihan’s Restaurant and Bar, Stir Crazy, Macy’s Deli Sandwich Bar, Macy’s Yogurt Express, and Maggiano’s Little Italy.

We have left, however, one very important restaurant choice off this list of restaurants near Oak Brook Mall. And the reason that we’ve done that is, quite simply, to save the best for last. Which Wich, located just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the mall, is the place to go if you’re looking for a fast, fresh, and affordable meal that will leave you stuffed to perfection.

At Which Wich you can choose from over fifty different sandwich varieties, including vegetarian and diet options. Choose your favorite chips to go along with your meal, and then finish your delicious lunch or dinner off with a cookie or milkshake. Or, if you’re feeling particularly decadent—which we all should from time to time—why not indulge in both tasty desserts?

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