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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Healthy Options at Naperville Sandwich Restaurants

Fast food may be a quick and even tasty choice, but it is certainly not a healthy one. Most fast food consists of burgers made of fatty, greasy ground beef, and fries, which means even more grease and loads of carbohydrates. There are taco joints as well, but you face the same problem—lots of carbohydrates and greasy or fatty meat. If you want to eat healthy but still get a quick, inexpensive bite, Naperville sandwich restaurants are your best choice. While all of the traditional sandwich chains are readily available, one that’s a little bit different and a lot better tasting is Which Wich.

A very healthy option at this restaurant is the turkey sandwich. Turkey is a naturally lean and filling meat with very few calories. If you skip out on extra condiments, like mayonnaise and cheese, you can save yourself a lot of fat and calories. The turkey and ham is a good choice as well if you follow these same principles. Other lighter options include the ham wich, the chicken cordon bleu wich, the hummus wich, the black bean patty wich, and the veggies and egg wich. These last three options are vegetarian as well, allowing you to cut back on cholesterol. Just look for sandwiches with the “lite” symbol next to them to make a healthy choice.

Most Naperville sandwich restaurants, Which Wich included, offer chips to go on the side. If you must have chips, choose a natural or baked option. Better yet, bring a piece of fruit or some veggie sticks from home for a truly nutritious meal. If you skip the soft drink, you might even have some calories left over to indulge in a dessert!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Naperville Sandwich Restaurants are a Healthy Choice!

If you’re out and about and want to grab a quick bite to eat, without compromising your health or wrecking your diet, then Naperville sandwich restaurants are your best choice. Of course, you can’t eat anything and everything that you find on the menu, but if you choose wisely, then you can get a much healthier meal than you would at your average burger, pizza, or taco joint.

When it comes to a sandwich, the first decision you usually have to make is on what kind of bread you want. Bread gets a bad reputation for all of the carbohydrates it has, but in moderation, carbohydrates are just fine. In fact, you need them for energy! When at all possible, request wholegrain bread for your sandwich or, if you really want to be good, get your sandwich without the bread. Many Naperville sandwich restaurants, including Which Wich, offer to make sandwiches in the form of a salad or bowl.

Another great thing about choosing a sandwich is that you can really pack in the protein! Try to choose lean meats, like chicken or tuna, for your sandwich. Vegetarians can opt for peanut butter, eggs, or avocado to get in their protein. You’ll also want to positively pile on the veggies—the more veggies you have the better! Vegetables are very low in calories, very nutritious, and very filling—making them pretty much the perfect food and the perfect sandwich topping. It’s even okay to add on a few condiments, as long as you do so in moderation, and if you like, a piece of calcium-rich cheese isn’t a bad idea either.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don’t Settle for Boring Naperville Sandwich Restaurants

You can find all of the expected Naperville sandwich restaurants with ease. You know—the ones that are located on every street corner in practically every town across America. The problem with those sandwich shops is that they’re boring. They feature the same old menu items you’ve had a million times before and, in most cases, they claim to be healthy when, in reality, they’re filling your sandwich with processed meats and cheeses. While there’s nothing wrong with eating a sandwich from one of these places every once in a while, we suggest branching out and trying something a little different on occasion.

Next time you’re in the mood to dine at one of the many Naperville sandwich restaurants, take a step off the beaten path and choose Which Wich. This delectable little sandwich shop is a chain, but it’s not one that you’ll find everywhere and anywhere. In fact, some people don’t even know that it exists, and those people are missing out big time! That’s because this shop has over fifty different, customizable, and very delicious sandwiches to choose from. Plus, it’s got more toppings and extras than you could possibly imagine, including high-end treats like hummus and avocado. You can also enjoy chips on the side and a delicious milkshake, cookie, brownie, or other treat for dessert! Best of all, this sandwich shop is affordable, so you can eat here any time.

We suggest playing around with the menu and making your favorite sandwich combination, or you can try something unique and a little crazy off the menu, like the Surf n’ Turf, which combines yummy crab and thinly sliced beef for a meal that’s straight out of the steakhouse.

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