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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beat the Holiday Bulge By Choosing Naperville Sandwich Shops

The holidays are filled with fun, family, and food. Even if you’ve been making an effort to watch your waistline, it’s so easy for those little Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies to quickly add up and pile on the pounds. This doesn’t mean, of course that you shouldn’t indulge yourself at least a little during the holidays. After all, life is about enjoyment! A smart plan of action if you want to get through the season without gaining weight but without sacrificing fun and pleasure is to make smart food choices up until the holidays. Then, on the actual days, you can splurge without guilt.

You might think this means that you have to avoid eating out, but that’s actually not the case, not if you make smart dining choices. You’ll want to avoid traditional fast food like greasy burgers and calorie-laden French fries in favor of healthier options. Naperville sandwich shops, for example, are a great place to grab a guilt-free bite in a hurry.  Just make sure to order smart choices, like wholegrain bread, lean meats, and lots of veggies. You may also want to go easy on the condiments and cheese, which are often full of fat and calories you don’t need.

One of the top Naperville sandwich shops for healthy holiday eating is Which Wich. A basic turkey sandwich or a delectable vegetarian option are wonderful ways to save on calories without sacrificing taste. You can even have your sandwich turned into a salad, allowing you to save carbs and calories, at no additional cost to you. You might have to avoid the tempting desserts, but it’ll be well worth it when the holiday season is over, and you look your best!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Experience the Fun of Naperville Sandwich Shops at Home!

There are many excellent Naperville sandwich shops, and nothing quite beats the fun of sitting in one of these cute, cozy restaurants and enjoying a simple but delicious meal and maybe even a dessert (or two!). Most sandwich shops play relaxing music in the background, offer free wireless internet so that you can relax and browse on your computer, and feature comfortable outdoor seating, perfect for those sunny days. Sometimes, however, you want to enjoy the sandwich shop atmosphere without being away from the comforts of home. If you’ve ever wished you had a sandwich shop in your own home, here’s your chance!

One of the very best Naperville sandwich shops, Which Wich, provides carry out and catering. That means you can call in and order your favorite meal, go pick it up, and then bring your food back home. To really capture the sandwich shop vibe, pop in a soothing CD, eat your meal slowly, and just relax, letting go of all of the day’s stresses. If you plan to get your whole family in on the fun or are planning a small get-together, catering is the way to go, as you can get a lot of food at an affordable price.

Other suggestions for feeling more like you’re at a sandwich shop include finding a fun tablecloth for your table, baking dessert so the smell of cooking goodies is in the air, and, if you’re eating with someone else, taking time to really listen to them and engage in a real conversation. Fast food is all about cramming food in your mouth quickly, but sandwich shops are about enjoyment and taking your time.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Please Every Appetite with Naperville Sandwich Shops

When you’re with a large group, it can be hard to find a restaurant where absolutely every member of your party can find something that they like to eat. This is where Naperville sandwich shops come in handy! Sandwich shops are a good choice for groups because, first and foremost, everybody likes sandwiches! These simple favorites are generally made with a wide range of ingredients, so almost everyone can find something he or she likes. Plus, sandwich shops tend to be very affordable, meaning everyone can eat, no matter what their budget.

There are many Naperville sandwich shops, but we just love Which Wich! This fun little shop is perfect for larger parties because of the wide variety it offers. There are vegetarian sandwiches for those who aren’t into meat or who just want a lighter option. Meaty light options, like turkey, are also available, and there are delectable, guilt-inducing sandwiches for those who aren’t watching their waistlines! As for the sides, you’ve got chips, which just about everyone loves, and don’t forget about the delectable dessert line-up. This sandwich chain has cookies, brownies, rice Krispie treats, and best of all, creamy, smooth milkshakes!

The atmosphere at this particular shop is great too! First of all, going to this shop isn’t just grabbing a bite to eat—it’s a whole, fun experience! You get to use a sharpie and a paper bag to check off everything that you want on your wich. After you’re done, you can create an awesome illustration on your wich bag and display it in the store. So for a fun, casual dining experience with all of your friends, make Which Wich your choice!

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