Friday, June 15, 2012

Not All Oak Brook Restaurants Are Created Equal

In Oak Brook, you will find that there are a lot of different restaurants to choose from. When you’re ready for a night on the town, you can head to just about any casual dining restaurant or night spot and find something to fill your tummy. Then, in terms of fast food, you’ve got all the usual options—greasy burger joints and diners packed with fried food abound. If, however, you happen to find yourself in the mood for fast food that doesn’t taste or feel like fast food, we strongly suggest checking out Which Wich, a sandwich shop that is so much more.

While other Oak Brook restaurants tend to fall solidly into one category or the other, it’s hard to put your finger on whether Which Wich counts as fast food or not. You’ll certainly get your meal in a hurry, but it will have been freshly prepared to order just for you and just the way you like it. There are no frozen foods being taken out of bags at this sandwich shop! What’s more is that, regardless of the sandwich you choose, you can just bet it’s a lot healthier than what you’d find on any traditional fast food menu.

You can choose from over fifty different sandwiches, along with a ton of fresh vegetables, other toppings, and condiments. Any sandwich can be made on white bread, wheat bread, or placed in a bowl, and there are a wide variety of chips available for a yummy side. You can even finish things off with a delectable dessert, including cookies, brownies, rice Krispie treats, and the most awesome milkshakes you’ve ever had!

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