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Monday, November 26, 2012

Restaurants in Naperville for Eating on a Budget

Around the holidays, money is tight for everyone. There are expensive Thanksgiving meals for which you have to purchase supplies, Christmas presents to buy, costly preparations for the New Year, and so much more. The last thing you need to be doing is spending money you don’t have. In fact, at this time of year, saving should be the first thing on your mind. One easy way to cut back on spending is to cut back on dining out, which can quickly add up. You don’t have to completely give up on eating out, however; there are many restaurants in Naperville that are perfect for dining on a budget.

One such restaurant is Which Wich, a cute little sandwich shop that makes it easy to get a filling meal without spending a fortune. Choose from over fifty different sandwiches, which come complete with a wide range of toppings, condiments, and extras. You can also add chips, a drink, and a dessert to round out your meal. It’s easy to get everything you want to eat for well under $20, allowing you to spend your money on more important things—like Christmas gifts and preparing for New Year’s resolutions.

On top of the already low prices at certain restaurants in Naperville, you can save even more money by clipping coupons. Go online and search for coupons that can be redeemed at Which Wich and other local restaurants. Also check your mailbox for fliers that contain information about special promotions, coupons, and savings. The more money you save, the more you’ll have to spend on the holidays and related festivities.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Bored With the Same Old Restaurants in Naperville?

When it comes to restaurants in Naperville, a lot of what you’ll find is, unfortunately, just more of the same. On what seems like every corner, you’ve got the usual burger, pizza, or taco restaurants, all of which sell greasy, bad-for-you food that can take a toll on your waistline, not to mention your health! And, outside of fast food, there are casual dining restaurants, but these tend to be loud, overcrowded, and overpriced. Plus, most of the time, the food is sub-par and pre-made. All the “cooks” do in most cases is pop your meal out of the freezer and into the oven!

The good news is that there are a few unique restaurants in Naperville. One of the most original (and delicious) is a small little sandwich shop called Which Wich. Here, diners can enjoy a wide variety of yummy sandwiches. Currently, there are over fifty different sandwich creations on the menu, and you’re always free to change things up and make them your own way, which gives you even more options. Any sandwich can easily be made into a salad for those who want an extra-healthy option, and there are potato chips, made in all different flavors, to go on the side.

The food you’ll find at Which Wich is all fresh, so nothing your lips touch has been sitting in a freezer for months on end. The menu items are much healthier choices than the ones you’ll find elsewhere, and best of all, this sandwich shop has some of the best desserts in town. Go for a milkshake, cookie, brownie, or rice crisp treat to make the most of your meal.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tips for Eating Healthy While Eating Out!

If you love dining out at all of the great restaurants in Naperville but are trying to live a healthier lifestyle or maybe even lose a few pounds, you might think you’ll have to give up your restaurant habit in order to achieve your goals. However, this is not necessarily the case. If you’re willing to make smart choices at your favorite restaurants and are able to withstand the temptation of gleaming menu items and delicious smells, it is possible to enjoy restaurant fare without sabotaging your weight loss or health goals.

First of all, make sure you skip the soda! Regular soda is full of sugar and calories, and diet soda, while it might not contain real sugar, is loaded with chemicals—chemicals that have been shown to increase your desire for real sugar and to cause weight gain over time! Your best bet is to choose water or, if you need a little caffeine, unsweetened tea.

Remember too that vegetables are your friend! Nine times out of ten, a vegetarian dish or a dish that contains a lot of veggies, such as a stir-fry, is going to have a lot fewer calories than its meaty counterpart. Not only are veggies delicious, nutritious, and low-calorie, but they are also very filling, allowing you to feel satisfied without packing on the pounds. If you must have meat, go for lean choices like salmon, tuna, grilled chicken, and the like.

When choosing fast food restaurants in Naperville, skip the greasy burger joints and turn to lighter options, like Which Wich. While you can order a fairly low-calorie sandwich there, it’s even better if you turn your sandwich into a salad bowl, which you can do free of charge.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lots of Choices of Restaurants in Naperville

Something that Naperville certainly has a lot of is restaurants! Everywhere you look, you’ll see somewhere to grab a bite. The town has every fast food choice you could possibly imagine. However, stuffing your face with greasy French fries, fat-laden burgers, or processed tacos isn’t all that healthy or all that appetizing. You could find fresher, healthier ingredients by stopping in at a casual dining establishment or at one of the ritzier restaurants in Naperville, but who has that kind of money to throw around on just one meal?

Fortunately, there is a healthy choice that won’t mean breaking the bank. That choice is Which Wich, an establishment that is proud to offer some of the freshest, most affordable choices of all the restaurants in Naperville. Most of the sandwiches on the menu feature lean meats, calcium-rich cheeses, and plenty of fresh, good-for-you veggies! In fact, you can even get sandwiches that leave off the meat and focus only on the vegetables. Believe it or not, you can leave off the actual sandwich too, by turning your sandwich into a bowl instead. When you get a bowl, your ingredients come on a bed of lettuce, and you can pile on as much or as little dressing as you like.

Of course, everything on the menu isn’t strictly health food approved. If you’re feeling a little naughty, you can always opt for the wicked (featuring five meats and three cheeses!) or you can wait until the end of your meal to be bad with a brownie, a cookie, a rice crisp treat, or even a truly sinful and decadent milkshake. Chips can be added to any meal too, and we figure, if you’re working so very hard to be good, you deserve at least a little treat!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fast, Fresh Dining at Restaurants in Naperville

We love Naperville just as much as anybody, but we have to admit, finding healthy restaurants in Naperville can be a real challenge. Large, dine-in restaurants tend to offer a few healthy choices, but they are often less than tasty. Furthermore, if you’re looking to grab a bite in a hurry, these aren’t your go-to choices. Unfortunately, finding fast food in the area that’s not totally terrible for you is next to impossible. At least, that’s the case if you don’t know about Which Wich, a truly superior sandwich chain that offers you the freshest food fast!

Those looking for options that are on the lighter side will have a wide range of choice when they arrive at the sandwich shop. Chicken fans, for example, can choose from five different and delectable sandwiches. Go with a basic chicken sandwich or add in a little kick with the spicy, scrumptious buffalo chicken sandwich. Get fresh, fulfilling taste with the chicken and pesto, or add a little Asian flair into your life by trying out the chicken teriyaki. And, for those who want a little ham (and cheese!) with their chicken, there’s always the Cordon bleu. Any of these great choices can be made even lighter by opting for wheat bread over white or, better yet, by choosing to have your “sandwich” served up in a bowl.

Chicken isn’t your only option for fresh, healthy eating either. There are many vegetarian options on the menu, and you can always choose to load up your sandwich with any fresh veggies that are to your liking. So, the next time you’re driving around looking for restaurants in Naperville, give Which Wich a try!
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Which Wich is One of the Most Original Restaurants in Naperville

It’s no secret that Naperville residents love to eat lunch and dinner out on the town! That’s very evident from the many different restaurants in Naperville. If you’ve tried all the usual eating experiences, however, and are looking for something a little different, then we suggest Which Wich. It’s a fun and delicious dining experience like none other and, best of all, it’s affordable too! This restaurant offers fast food prices, but with fresh food taste! It’s a much healthier option than grabbing a burger and fries, so your heart (and your taste buds!) will thank you.

One thing that makes Which Wich different from other restaurants in Naperville is the ordering process. Instead of having to talk with a waiter to place your order, you simply mark what you want on the menu (which serves double duty as a sandwich bag), using a red sharpie. The bag on which you wrote is passed down the sandwich assembly line in order to ensure those preparing your food don’t miss a single one of the ingredients you love. Then, at the end, you’re handed your sandwich, wrapped up nicely in that same brown bag. If you think that sounds like a good time, then you’re right! It’s a blast to watch your sandwich being made and to place your order!

Obviously, dining here is far from boring. It’s a great change of pace, especially after a long and boring day, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on good, fresh food. So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to Which Wich to have your own unique dining experience!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Laid Back Diner Seeking Restaurants in Naperville

So you’re running around town and it’s time to feed the tummy, or maybe you are trying to find something healthy and quick to grab so you can get back to what you are doing.  With more than 260 restaurants in Naperville, and many of those are the not-so-healthy fast food variety, this moment can be an adventure in itself – where’s the best place for the laid back diner to eat?

Your tired of the same fast food burger and taco joints, and you’re not exactly dressed or in the mood for joining the posh crowd for lunch.  Maybe you’re thinking about that soon to appear summer wardrobe lurking in your room  and maybe you just want to eat something that’s good for you.  Yep, you are a laid back diner in search of the elusive perfect place to grab a bite to eat – a place that meets all your needs and you want go there.  You need to go over to Which Wiches superior sandwiches and meet your happiness in easy dining.

On entering, it’s clear this is a relaxed, fun place to be.  You take a paper bag menu to check off what you want, and you realize that you can create the sandwich or salad of your tummy’s desire.  They have put a lot of effort into meeting every salad or sandwich craving in their menu variety, and don’t forget the hand-dipped shakes, and cookies for dessert.  In no time you are taking all that fresh, wholesome deliciousness away with you and tucking in to enjoy.  The Which Wich is the obvious choice for the relaxed dining experience with restaurants in Naperville.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are There Too Many Restaurants in Naperville?

Believe it or not, a lot of people think that there are simply too many restaurants in Naperville. While some people don’t think that this is possible and wholeheartedly believe that you can never have too many restaurants, other people wish the town would work harder to bring in more entertainment, rather than just plying the residents with a growing number of fast food establishments. No matter what you think about this issue, though, there’s definitely one restaurant that the people are glad to have, and that’s Which Wich. Different from your typical fast food joint, Which Wich provides fresh, healthy, and absolutely delectable food that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s what makes it worth keeping around.

On the menu, you will find over fifty different sandwiches, all served up on freshly baked bread that is out of this world. One top favorite is definitely the “Thank You Turkey,” a tasty and healthy little treat that features a surprisingly yummy combination of stuffing and cranberry. As you can tell from that particular offering, Which Wich is all about surprises and giving people tastes that are new and exciting. Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t find classics, like the BLT or the club on the menu as well.

So, whether or not you think there are too many restaurants in Naperville, give Which Wich a shot. Even if you are one of the ones vying for less food and more entertainment, you’ll be begging for more Which Wich locations soon after you take that first delectable taste. At Which Wich, you’ll find, it’s truly love at first bite.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Restaurants in Naperville

There are a ton of restaurants in Naperville. Obviously, this includes the regular fast food offerings, like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell, but there are also some nicer, sit-down style restaurants as well. Top choices include Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House, located on South Main Street, and Sullivan’s Steakhouse, also in the downtown area. However, there are times when neither fast food nor fancy dining is going to cut it. Instead, you want something new, something different, something fresh, fast, and absolutely delicious. That is when you need to choose Which Wich for a meal that will satisfy your craving for something new and exciting.

Which Wich is one of the best casual restaurants in Naperville, and for many reasons. First and foremost, it offers a wide variety of yummy, healthy foods. You can choose from over fifty different sandwiches, an array of nutritious and delicious salads, and great sides and extras, like chips, cookies, and even milkshakes. Aside from just offering a lot of amazingly tasty food, Which Wich is also affordable and easy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something good to eat, and you don’t have to wait forever either. You can just pop in and pop out, enjoying a tasty meal somewhere in between.

You can also consider Which Wich for your catering needs. Whether you want perfectly portioned individual boxed lunches or huge salad and/or sandwich platters, you can feed a crowd well with Which Wich catering, and you can do so without spending a lot.

Fast, fresh, affordable, convenient, delicious—these are all things that describe Which Wich catering. What more could you ask for?

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