Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Best Oak Brook Sandwich

Are you looking for the very best Oak Brook sandwich? There may be a lot of disagreement over which sandwich is the best in town, but there’s no contest as to who serves it up. Which Wich is the number one sandwich shop in the area, making over fifty delectable sandwiches. With such a wide variety, it can be hard to pick just one favorite, but there are people who swear by a particular menu item. To find your very favorite, the best thing to do is to sample lots of different items on the menu. And, since the sandwiches are always customizable, you can come up with your own special concoction.

One very popular (and very naughty) Oak Brook sandwich is the super decadent Wicked Wich. This sandwich pulls out all the stops, so it’s not for the faint of heart or for those watching their waistlines. With this massive, delicious sandwich, you can enjoy up to five meats—lean turkey, smooth ham, thick roast beef, zesty pepperoni, and crisp bacon—and three rich, delectable cheeses. If you can’t handle the whole thing but still want to give this sandwich a shot, consider splitting it with a friend.

Another menu favorite, especially at this time of year, is the Thank You Turkey. Enjoy a tantalizing, seasonally appropriate mix of turkey, stuffing, and sweet cranberry. Many people also applaud the strangely delicious combination known as the Hula—ham and pineapple mixed together for a sinful mash-up of sweet and savory. If none of these sounds like your perfect sandwich match, then it’s up to you to start trying out menu items and to find the sandwich you can’t live without.

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