Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Power Food in Naperville

Do you suffer from lagging energy levels during the day? Maybe you feel tired throughout your workday—especially right before and after lunch. If this is the case, you could be eating all the wrong foods- foods that zap your energy and make you feel sleepy rather than providing you with the pep you need to finish off your day right. Common foods and drinks known for making diners feel less than chipper include alcoholic beverages, milk, peanut butter, almonds, eggs, oatmeal, cherries, bananas, and anything very rich or high in fat. Just as there are foods that can induce sleep, there are other foods that can boost energy levels and make your day even better.

Foods that you should be indulging in come lunchtime include good-for-you carbohydrates like those found in wholegrain breads,  fish and other lean protein sources, and veggies, especially bell peppers. Where’s an easy place to pack in all of this power food in Naperville? Which Wich is the easy answer! You can get your sandwich on a healthier bread option, load up on bell peppers and other vegetables, and enjoy a wide array of lean protein, including seafood! Feel ready to take on the world after lunch, not sluggish and ready for a nap!

Best of all, Which Wich provides some of the quickest food in Naperville. This means that after you eat, you’ll likely have time to work in a quick walk or do a few crunches. And why is that important? Exercise is one other thing that has been shown to drastically improve energy levels. So, if you’re ready to feel your very best and tackle every day with ease, change up where you eat your lunch and what you do afterward!

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