Monday, October 22, 2012

Treat Yourself to the Best Oak Brook Sandwich Around!

There is really nothing better than a good, hearty sandwich. The sandwich has been a staple of American diets for years and years, and it’s easy to see why. You get everything you need all in one meal—bread, lean meat, cheese for calcium, and plenty of vegetables. If you go easy on the fattening condiments, like mayonnaise, you can even lose a few pounds dining on sandwiches. However, eating sandwiches too often can get boring, unless of course you find a way to put a new spin on it! Which Wich is that way; when you’re looking for an Oak Brook sandwich that’s new, different, and delicious, head on over to this charming little sandwich shop.

This restaurant offers lots of great options to choose from, but we suggest you steer clear of the same old items you can find at any regular sandwich shop. Take a walk on the wild side and dare to experience an Oak Brook sandwich like no other. One of the more unique menu items, for example, is the Thank You Turkey Wich, which features stuffing and cranberry sauce. If you want to taste Thanksgiving in a single bite, then this is the sandwich for you. Another fun and incredibly yummy option is the Cuban, which features an intriguing mix of ham, pork, and pickle slices. There’s also the Hula for those who prefer to mix sweet and savory; this sandwich has yummy, lean ham and fresh sliced pineapple!

No matter which sandwich you ultimately choose, we know you’ll have a fun, dining experience like no other when you choose this restaurant. And, don’t forget that you can always add on great extras to your meal, like potato chips or delicious desserts!

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