Sunday, December 2, 2012

What’s the Best Oak Brook Sandwich Around?

Everybody who lives in Oak Brook knows that the best Oak Brook sandwich shop is Which Wich. Nowhere else will you find more reasonable prices, more variety, and more deliciousness. While most other sandwich shops offer only sandwiches, chips, and drinks, this place goes the extra mile with some of the best desserts you’ll find anywhere. While figuring out which shop is the best in town is easy, deciding on your favorite sandwich isn’t. When you’ve got over fifty sandwiches to choose from, picking just one favorite can seem like an impossible feat, which is why we suggest trying everything at least once!

If you’re really going to take the time to indulge yourself with all of the sandwiches on the menu, why not make a game of it? There are lots of friends who get together and challenge each other to see who can be the first to make it through the whole menu. Doing something like that with your friends is a great way to have some good-natured fun and to try some really delicious foods that you might not have tried otherwise.

If you’re not quite up to the feat of trying everything on the menu, that’ s okay. However, don’t be one of those people who orders the same sandwich every single time, because then you’re just missing out on all the fun. It’s okay to have an old standby, but you won’t appreciate even the best Oak Brook sandwich if you haven’t tried the rest! Whether your tastes are simple or crazy, Which Wich can accommodate, so get on down to the shop and check out your choices!

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