Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Most Unique Oak Brook Sandwich Restaurant

Visiting an Oak Brook sandwich restaurant probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting proposition in the world. After all, most sandwich shops you’ll find are pretty much the same. They feature the same old boring sandwiches you’ve been eating since you were a kid, stale bags of pre-packaged chips, and if you’re lucky, maybe an old cookie or two. Not every sandwich restaurant, however, is like this, and you might be surprised to learn that there’s a very unique and delicious little Oak Brook sandwich restaurant that is getting rave reviews.

That restaurant is Which Wich, a sandwich shop that takes a totally new approach to the art of sandwich making. First, this shop makes sure it has the best bread around, baking it daily to perfection. Then, it focuses on variety, variety, variety. While you can get the basic sandwich fixings at Which Wich, you can also choose from lots of extras you wouldn’t see elsewhere. Wondering about some of the weirder sandwich additions? Well, this restaurant offers Cheez Whiz, crunchy onions, hummus, cranberry, and stuffing to name a few! This restaurant is also about options, which is why any sandwich can be customized with special toppings and why any sandwich can be turned into a salad free of charge.

Which Wich isn’t only about offering great sandwiches either. Nope, you can also find the best milkshakes, cookies, brownies, and rice crisp treats around. And, as an added bonus, the restaurant has homemade chips, so you can ditch the stale, soggy ones you’re used to in favor of something fresher and yummier. Experience sandwiches like you never have before at Which Wich.

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