Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eating Fresh at Restaurants Near Oak Brook Mall

Did you know that most of the food you’ll find at restaurants is pre-made? It’s sad but true, but almost all major chain restaurants have their menu items shipped to them frozen, and those items stay in the freezer until the cook is ready to slap them together. While pre-prepared, frozen foods might not taste all that different, unless they have been stored improperly or left in the freezer for too long, it’s not the best thing for your health. Most frozen foods are loaded with sodium, and too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure, water retention, and other health issues.

To avoid frozen, pre-made foods, you don’t have to avoid all of the restaurants near Oak Brook Mall. No, if you make smart choices, you can generally find fresh-made options at any restaurant. Asking for something that doesn’t have to be cooked—like sushi, a salad, or a meat-free sandwich is always a smart bet. Also avoid items in heavy sauces, since the sauces are almost certainly pre-made and laden with sodium. If sodium is a major concern for you, skip out on sodium-rich sodas (including diet!) and go for water or real fruit juice instead.

Out of all of the restaurants near Oak Brook Mall, Which Wich is the best for finding fresh, delicious, and all around healthy ingredients. This little shop makes tons of great sandwiches which you can pile high with fresh, filling, nutritious vegetables, lean meats, and good-for-you condiments like hummus. Of course, not everything on the menu is completely healthy—everyone has to indulge every once in a while, but even the guilty pleasures are made fresh daily!

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