Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Out of All the Oakbrook Restaurants, Which Wich is the Best

There are tons of different Oak Brook restaurants to choose from. However, most of them are just the same old boring stuff you’ve probably eaten a thousand times. You’ve got your run of the mill burger joints, your overpriced sit-down dinner places, your bar food, and then a spattering of different Asian-inspired options. If you’re feeling tired of more of the same, then try something different! Go with one of the best kept secrets in Oak Brook. That secret is Which Wich, a trendy and delicious little sandwich shop that is so much more.

On the menu, you’ll find sandwiches (all of which can be made into a salad for no additional cost!) made from just about any ingredient under the sun. If you’ve ever thought of putting it on a sandwich, you can find it at Which Wich. All sandwiches are fully customizable, and the ordering process is a one of a kind adventure that we guarantee you won’t find at any of the other Oak Brook restaurants. Best of all, you aren’t going to pay a fortune for this dining experience; the restaurant is completely affordable for any budget.

When you get to the restaurant, if you’re not sure what to try, we suggest closing your eyes and choosing blindly! No matter what you get, it’s sure to be delicious. If you’re not that adventurous though, simply choose your favorite type of meat and then look at the sandwich options listed below that. Of course, this will still take some serious decision-making on your part, because Which Wich offers over seven different meat (and vegetarian) choices!

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